Monday, May 21, 2012

Masamune Shirow "Pieces" Artbooks

Pieces Cover Masamun Shirow

Pieces Art Book Masumune Shirow

Masamun Shirow Pieces Scan

Masamune Shirow Pieces Art Book
images from "Pieces 1: Premium Gallery"

Masamune Shirow is an internationally renowned manga artist, author and artist of the cyberpunk cult-classic Ghost in the Shell. A substantial amount of Shirow's work has been released in art book or poster book format.

No exception then is "Pieces" a series of eight artbook collections starting in 2009 with "Pieces 1 - Premium Gallery".

"Pieces 1 - Premium Gallery" is a mixture of art from his previous Intron Depot artbooks, calendars, and even some images from Dominion Tank Police and Jashin Hunter. The hardcover artbook contains some decidedly adult themes and though the book is in Japanese, the collection is predomniately artwork across it's 88pages.

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