Saturday, May 12, 2012

Faith Connors, Mirror's Edge Game Character Wallpaper


Faith Connors is the principal character from "Mirror's Edge" a 2007 first person action adventure game developed by DICE.

Sporting a a distinctive tattoo around her right eye, Faith is a "Runner", a courier who carries physical communiqués around the city. Hired by revolutionary groups who are forced to avoid communicating via highly-monitored telephone and e-mail channels.  Faith's attitude towards the totalitarian government is rooted in her past.

After her mother was killed during peaceful protests called the "November riots" Faith ran away from home, living on her wits in the city she was recruited by Mercury and trained to best utilize her natural athletic abilities.

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  1. Loved the game, love the wallpaper. Faith rocks!

    1. Hiya Bickle :) I'm honoured to have you over here, fraid I've no armchairs at the moment... but

      (pulls up a chair, rolls in a portable drinks trolley...)

      Fraid Faith and me didn't get off to a good start, but fortunately she hasn't deserted me, and she did make some incredibly good wallpaper...

      Damn I left the cigars in the other blog... but I do have a desert trolley...

      (Heads off to find desert trolley....)