Saturday, June 9, 2012

3x3 Eyes Manga Series

3x3 Eyes Manga Volume 1 Cover

3x3 Eyes Manga Illustration

3x3 Eyes Manga Cover

3x3 Eyes Mange Illustration

3×3 Eyes is a manga created by acclaimed manga artist Yuzo Takada. First published in 1987 The manga spans 40 volumes and has become one of Japan's longest running and popular series.  Dark Horse Comics began publication of an  English-language version, however the run was cancelled in 2005 before the publication of volume 9.

Yakumo is an ordinary Tokyo high-school student who is helping a not-so-ordinary 300-year-old girl from Tibet named Pai on a quest to discover a way for her to become human.  During their quest Yakumo falls fatally wounded, to save him, Pai ties Yakumo to her as her undead servant.  Now Yakumo can only become human again when Pai fulfils her quest. The series follows them on their journey as they battle the followers of demon God Kaiyanwang to reach their Goal.

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